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phantasia says: [what a phantasia! welcome to my funky little corner on the internet!!]
A profile picture of Phantasia's mascot. Her mask is off and she is smiling at the viewer in a 3/4 perspective with her hand raised to her cheek. call me phantasia!! or phanta lol ne/nim/neir/neirs/nimself, they/her+ am a minor so pls dont be weird <3

watch me ramble abt myself (also has dni/byf and social linkss)

fictional stories, series, games, etc that i make :3c

please give me money im begging you

sorted by date and subject!! very WIP rn tho


graphics + website resources and cool ppl!! X3

"can you hear me through all the radio static? can you see me through the window in the attic?"

hey what's up gamers!!!! this site is a BIG work in progress and i know WAY less abt html and css than i think i do!! i'll ramble more about da site and me in the first button up there but here i will say SIGN MY GUESTBOOK (thx for the self-hosted gb code)! leave ur thoughts abt da site!!!! tell a story even?! tell me u were here :3

it takes a little bit for the guestbook to reload on your end after u submit somethin, so be a teeny bit patient :0c

best viewed on desktop mode, but hopefully bootstrap should make this website BEARABLE on mobile,,, not gonna fix that top image tho